Many people severely underestimate the way a pulled back can feel until they suffer a similar injury. Whether you have problems with your sciatic nerve, have some pulled muscles that keep you from working or suffer from medical conditions like fibromyalgia that causes chronic pain, you could benefit from the best massage chair.

This product can help you save some money too because it cuts down on the number of chiropractor and doctor visits you need to make.

We choose the Human Touch “Novo” (Check Price on Amazon.com), which gets great reviews from customers. This product comes with great features like a zero gravity design that keeps pressure from building up on one part of your body and warm air technology that can reduce pain in your lumbar region.

How to Choose The Right One


Though cost is important because you likely know how much you want to spend, you shouldn’t let that be the only factor you consider. The cost of massage chairs can be quite expensive, though we did look for some more affordable options. Think about as an investment in your future that will help you cut back on expensive trips to the doctor or chiropractor.


Buying one that doesn’t fit your height or body style is like throwing away good money. It should offer plenty of support for both your upper and lower body. You shouldn’t have any problems getting in or out of it either, and if you do, you might consider a zero gravity option.


The odds are good that you already know where you want to put it, including the exact room and where in that room. As you shop, you should consider the overall size it Make sure that it will fit in that room without taking over the space.

Body Weight

Check to see if the manufacturer included a body weight rating on the product. This will tell you how much weight that it can support. Those who are medically overweight or obese may need a more expensive or larger one.


It feature rollers and other components that can break down over time, you need to ensure that the warranty covers all those parts as well as the labor costs required to fix it You’ll also want a warranty that lasts more than a single year. A one-year warranty may not be long enough to cover normal wear and tear.


If its comes with just one setting it won’t meet your needs anymore than a portable would. Look for the one that come with multiple settings as well as those that use both heat and massage. The heat produced will help penetrate deeper into your muscles.


Experts will tell you that you want a unit with the highest or deepest relaxation settings possible. This refers to the intensity. The best choice will have the same intensity that you would get during a real one.


Look over some of the materials available as well as color options to find one that matches the decor of your home. Though leather is a popular choice, you should keep in mind that leather can become brittle over time and even crack without proper maintenance. Fabric or upholstery is easier to maintain and clean.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity are easy to use and change the position of your body to make you feel like you weigh nothing. This helps you avoid putting too much pressure on one area of your body and lets you get the full benefits. A recliner massage chairs can also help you get in a more comfortable position for your relaxation process.

Top 23 Picks on The Market Today

1. Human Touch “Novo” (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Human Touch "Novo"

Once you look at a few products, you’ll understand why this Human Touch “Novo” Full Body Coverage Zero Gravity L-Track is the perfect product for the money.

While it is more expensive than other units, it offers so much support and power that you might feel like you have a masseur working in your home each time you sit down.

This massage chair even has built-in Bluetooth speakers that you can hook up to your phone, tablet or computer for listening to all your favorite music as you relax and relax your body.

As a zero gravity unit, it has a unique design that lets you sit or lean back and feel the weight of the world coming off your body, but it also functions like rocking to make you feel completely relaxed.

Multiple massaging elements across this product target specific areas of your body like your feet, calves, back and the bottoms of your feet, and warm air technology can reduce tension and pain in the lumbar region.

It also comes in a neutral cream color that matches your home.


2. Luraco i7 iRobotics (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Luraco i7 iRobotics

One of the more unique and technologically advanced zero gravity units available on the market today is this Luraco i7 iRobotics 7th Generation 3D Zero Gravity Heating, which comes in a deep black color with darker wood accents on the sides.

It has a full robotics system inside that offers more support for your back, shoulders and neck, but it also features built-in advanced settings that let you choose the technique you want to use based on your specific level of pain.

It even has a built-in support pillow that cushions and cradles your neck.

Instead of using a basic footrest, it features a footrest that puts your feet in a flat position to reduce strain, and it also has three layers that target your feet, lower legs and calves.

Three built-in heating elements surround your body with warm air and reach your lower body, back and midsection, and you can choose between five heat settings.

This is also one of the only products with a swivel setting to give you more freedom of movement.



3. U.S Jaclean Daiwa Legacy (Check Price on Amazon.com)

U.S Jaclean Daiwa Legacy

With a funky design that looks like something from a science-fiction film, everyone who comes to your home will want to take a seat in this U.S Jaclean Daiwa Legacy and try it out for a few minutes.

As a zero gravity product, it lets you sit down and lean back to get in the proper position for a full body relaxation, and its targeted massaging motors really can reach every part of your body.

Its longer track measures is 49-inches long to accommodate taller users, and it uses an L-shape that increases your comfort as you sit and ensures that you feel the massaging action from your neck to your hamstrings.

Built-in heat therapy increases the temperature of it with just one push of a button, and it releases warm air around the lumbar region to help your back recover from an injury.

It comes with a body scanning feature that lets each user customize their experience once it scans their bodies and determines what they need.

It also comes with rocking rotation technology that lets you use it like rocking.



4. Osaki OSD-3D Pro Dreamer (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Osaki OSD-3D Pro Dreamer

The S-track that this Osaki OSD-3D Pro Dreamer D Deluxe 3D uses is slightly different from the L-track used in other massage chairs because it mimics the natural S-curve of the human back to help you get all the enjoyment and relaxation that you need.

It uses a synthetic leather that looks just like the real thing, but synthetic leather is much easier to clean and will last longer than real leather does with less maintenance.

With its manual settings, you can customize your experience and let all other users in your home customize their own experiences too.

An automatic program is great for those who tend to fall asleep during relaxation because it lets you program how long you want to last from five to 30 minutes.

It comes with 16 intensity levels that range from a slight settings to a fuller and stronger pulse, chromotherapy lights and built-in that target your arms, feet and calves.

With its body scanning technology, you can even let the product scan you and find out where you need the most help.



5. Navitas Sleep” Full-Body Complete (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Navitas Sleep" Full-Body Complete

The word navitas in Latin means to get up and go, and after a few minutes in this “Navitas Sleep” Full-Body Complete Zero-Gravity, you’ll have all the energy that you need to get up, go and take the world by storm.

Designed as a wellness unit.

It comes with built-in settings that can improve your sleep at night and when you take a shorter nap in the middle of the day, and it will actually cushion and cradle your body to help you feel rested and ready to do everything on your to do list.

Its zero gravity design also reduces more of the pressure you would otherwise feel on your upper and lower back to combat pain.

Eight memory settings allow you to pick where you want the machine to target and the speed, strength and intensity, and you can then save those settings for use later.

It will retain memory settings for up to eight users. An optical scan setting will scan your neck and surrounding areas and then target the areas where you need the most help.


6. Top Performance Kahuna Superior (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Top Performance Kahuna Superior

You just might feel like a Big Kahuna when you kick back in this Kahuna Superior from Top Performance, which comes with five premium positions that you can choose from as you sit.

One of those is a yoga position that can help stretch your muscles in the same way a yoga class would, but you can also pick from positions designed to help you recover from an injury, refresh your muscles or just relax.

It’s also a zero gravity that takes all the pressure off your body and keeps added pressure from damaging your back or worsening an existing injury.

The Kahuna comes with a number of settings that mimic real masseur and motions that recreate the feel of kneading, pulsing and tapping, and it also has a shiatsu setting.

It extends as you lean back and comes with an extended back area, it can accommodate a person of up to 6′ 5” in height.

The manufacturer guarantees that the Kahuna can also support users who weigh up to 350 pounds.



7. 2-in-1 Shiatsu Roller PU Leather (Check Price on Amazon.com)

2-in-1 Shiatsu Roller PU Leather

With built-in Bluetooth speakers, this 2-in-1 Shiatsu Roller PU Leather Full Body Recliner.

Lets you hook up an electronic device and listen to music while getting relax, but you can also use those speakers with your television or a video game console.

Though it isn’t a zero gravity, it does function like a recliner to help you lean back and take some pressure off your lower body, and you can push out the footrest and use the settings in that footrest on your lower legs.

It comes with 3D rollers that move in and out and from side to side, and when you turn those rollers off, you can enjoy this like any standard armchair.

The included remote control makes it easy to adjust it and target your sore muscles without fumbling around with switches or controls on the side.

A USB plug on one side draws power from the outlet you plugged the unit into and allows you to recharge your tablet, phone or computer and to keep reading or playing while you unwind.


8. RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus (Check Price on Amazon.com)


For relaxation like you never felt before that you can use while recovering from an injury at home or for recuperating after a long day, there is the RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus.

Which comes with a footrest that reclines as you lean back and built-in settings that reduce tension and stress in your lower body. Armrests on each side fold flat for placing your arms on top but also lift up to place your arms directly.

It also features a number of airbags that protect and support your body, but the manufacturer reduced the number of airbags on the bottom of it to prevent common injuries.

Three manual settings let you choose between a kneading or a tapping, but you can also use a combination of both. You also have control over three different speed settings and three airbag intensity settings.

The L-shaped design targets every muscle group at the same time, and you can use the body scanning option to see where you need more help.



9. Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu

When you suffer from sore arms or tight muscles in your arm, you can use the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner to reduce those aches and pains because it comes with armrests that actually lift up to let you put your arms directly on the massaging elements to work on those muscles.

It also comes with features designed for reducing pain in your lower body that include a footrest that rises at the same time that the back leans down, and the footrest offer comfort for sore or tired feet.

The manufacturer behind this product increased the power to make it cover up to 60% more of your body than any other unit.

It simulates the feel of a real masseur given by another person and allows you to select from settings like a recover setting when you suffer an injury or a relax setting that gives to your whole body.

Though it uses heat, it also uses rollers that can improve blood flow and circulation.



10. MCombo Domestic Luxury (Check Price on Amazon.com)

MCombo Domestic Luxury

Sitting in this MCombo Domestic Luxury Systemic Multi-function Electric Zero Gravity Automatic while watching your favorite show on television just might make you feel like you’re in the capable hands of a professional masseur.

Not only does it use bold shades of red and black that will make this product stand out in any room, but it features separate chambers for your legs and lower bodies with built-in settings.

Those chambers are part of a footrest that lets you keep your feet flat on the floor or bring your legs up higher when leaning back.

A built-in pillow covered in a soft form of silk cradles your head and offers added comfort for sleeping and it also uses PU leather and a flame-retardant sponge foam underneath the leather for padding.

When your arms, wrists or legs touch it, the pressure causes the heat to automatically turn on, which comes in handy on cold days.

It has massaging and kneading settings too.


11. Real Relax Recliner with Armrest (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Real Relax Recliner with Armrest

With a three-year warranty, this Real Relax Recliner with Armrest Linkage System comes with massaging features you can use now and extra protection that you can take advantage of in the future.

It features a zero gravity capsule in the center that reduces the excess pressure you feel all over your body in other units and adds a rich leather cover over the top that feels softer against your skin than almost any other material.

It also has both heat and vibrating settings to increase circulation and boost your metabolism.

The backrest has eight massaging areas that can target select muscle groups or your entire back, and you’ll find similar massaging areas in the footrest, which lifts your feet off the ground to take pressure off your back and to increse blood flow in your lower legs.

With 50 airbags located all across the unit, you’ll have extra support under each body part, and its armrest linkage system forces the armrests to move each time the back moves.


12. Merax Recliner (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Merax Recliner

Treat yourself to lasting comfort and massaging power without breaking the bank with this Merax Recliner with Air System Shiatsu, which costs a fraction of what similar massage chairs cost.

It comes with a footrest that has separate chambers for each foot inside and massaging elements the settings all the way from the soles of your feet to your upper calves. When you lean back on it, this footrest will keep your feet and legs at the perfect angle for relaxing.

Though it comes with fewer airbags than other products, it does come with 25 airbags tucked inside the back, seat, armrests and other areas to help you feel more relaxed and to give you more padding.

The eight settings points in the back work with those airbags to keep the intensity from possibly injuring you or worsening an existing injury.

Made from fake leather that looks like the real thing, this product cleans easily with just a damp cloth.



13. Bestmassage Curved Long Rail (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Curved Long Rail

Video game players of all ages will love the Bestmassage Curved Long Rail Shiatsu w/ Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which lets them enjoy a relaxing feeling as they battle enemies in a virtual world.

A wireless Bluetooth speaker on the back will work with your console or your surround sound system to make you feel like you’re right inside that virtual world as you play.

It has a classic S-design that follows the natural curves of your back to increase your comfort as you play and it help you play longer than you could in a more traditional gaming.

Capable of supporting users of up to 198 pounds, it also has a phone slot for keeping your phone next to you and a padded headrest that keeps your head comfortable.

An integrated remote control remains permanently attached to the side and lets you turn on a timer for a 15 to 30 minute relaxation and switch between two intensity settings.


14. Electric Full Body Shiatsu (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Electric Full Body Shiatsu

If you have poor or limited mobility, you may have a hard time getting in and out of other products, but this Electric Full Body Shiatsu is much easier to use because it sits slightly higher off the ground.

A built-in footrest sits right against it and can support your lower body and relax your legs, but you can also lean back slightly to push the footrest up and get your feet off the ground, which can help improve circulation.

Both the seat and the footrest produces fast vibrations to relieve pressure and help you feel more relaxed.

A combination of 18 rollers knead your muscles, and you’ll find six rollers in the shoulder and neck area and an extra 12 rollers around your waist and back.

Each armrest has a slightly curved design that lets you place your arms in the perfect position for taking advantage of those rollers. It comes with a power switch for turning off the power and an attached remote.


15. Best Choice Recliner Sofa (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Best Choice Recliner Sofa Chair

Weighing less than 93 pounds, this Recliner Sofa from Best Choice Products is lightweight enough that you can move it on your own or with just one other person.

Called an executive lounge, it’s the type that you might expect to see in an upscale hotel that caters to business travelers, and it has an ergonomic design that perfectly cradles your body and supports your upper back all the way down to your lower legs.

A small pocket on one side is just the right size for storing remote controls, magazines or even books.

Made from a steel frame with a PU leather exterior, it is as soft and durable as it is comfortable and strong. Mechanisms inside the product use a combination of heat and vibrations that can target areas ranging from your feet to your shoulders.

You can access any of the five modes and the intensity, heat and vibration settings from the remote that the manufacturer attached to it.



16. iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit (Check Price on Amazon.com)

iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit

The iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Electric Full Body Shiatsu Recliner is a great choice for those tired of paying for professional masseur because its built-in settings actually use the same movements that a professional’s hands would, including a glide movement and an orbital motion.

You can choose from three different automatic programs that will either refresh your muscles, relieve tension or rejuvenate your body. Some of its settings can even recreate the feel and effect of an oil relaxation.

Its more compact design makes this massage chair great for those who live in studio apartments or smaller homes with less space available because it takes up less space than most units will and is smaller than some armchairs too.

The manufacturer included a remote control that attaches back on it to keep you from losing it, and this controller lets you choose any of the settings that you want to use with just one touch.

The controller even has a button that you can use to adjust the width of the based on the width of your back.



17. Dorel Living Padded Dual Recliner (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Dorel Living Padded Dual Recliner

Many products have a futuristic design that looks out of place in most homes, but this Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner has such a traditional and classic design that most won’t know until they sit down.

That design makes it look more like a recliner, and it comes with small feet on the bottom and a handle on the side that you can pull back to pop the reclining footrest up for resting your feet. It comes with a fabric cover in a deep chocolate brown shade that acts like a neutral for blending with the rest of your furniture.

Two zones let you target your upper or lower back at one time or both areas at the same time, and a built-in controller on the side of it that lets you pick those settings. As this controller remains attached, you’ll never worry about losing it either.

Foam padding underneath the fabric cover adds to your overall comfort, and the manufacturer sewed the padding to it for added durability.



18. Massaging Black Leather Recliner (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Massaging Black Leather Recliner

With this Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base, you can now do work at work at home and feel more comfortable than you ever did at the office.

Made from heavy-duty metal, the frame inside is durable enough to support users who weigh more, and it comes an equally durable cover that is soft and mimics the look of leather with some leather wrapped accents around the base.

It will recline slightly when you lean back to help you get in a more comfortable position, and you can use this with or without the included ottoman.

A pocket on the right side helps you organize and keep track of the things you need daily right beside you, and the left side holds the remote, which you can use to switch between the settings.

As the ottoman has a cord that connects back to it, you can use those settings to relax your lower body and feet too. It comes with multiple modes and intensity levels.



19. Relaxzen 60-425111 Recliner with 8-Motor (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Relaxzen 60-425111 Recliner with 8-Motor

Relaxzen makes this 60-425111 Leisure Recliner with 8-Motor & Heat for those who want a product that doesn’t look or feel like a traditional armchair.

This has a more classic look that includes a rich and supple brown leather cover that will look great even years from now, and its traditional design means that even if the leather cracks, it will still retain that classic look.

In addition to the product itself, you also get a matching ottoman with the same leather cover that lets you prop your feet up to get in an even more relaxed state of mind.

Eight motors inside it specifically target your calves, thighs, upper back and the middle of the back, and you can turn on those motors and adjust the speed and strength with the included remote control, which fits inside a pocket that hangs down from one side of it.

It lets you pick which areas you want to target, but you can also pick one of the random massage in settings to let it pick where to target.



20. HomCom Race Car Style PU (Check Price on Amazon.com)

HomCom Race Car Style PU

Designed for use in a home office or a professional office, this HomCom Race Car Style PU Leather Heated Massaging Office is great for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down or behind a computer screen.

As a race car model, it features a design similar to those found in real race cars, which includes an ergonomic back that cushions your upper body and shoulders. Five wheels on the bottom help you move it to anywhere in the room, and an adjustment lever on the side lets you adjust the height up and down.

Made from PU leather, this unit is incredibly soft and supple, but the leather is also easy to maintain and will keep its great look for years to come. The combination of black and white used on it can add some interest to your office and make you feel more comfortable when working long hours.

HomCom added two settings positions to the seat and four to the back to take away all your tension and stress as you work.



21. BCP Leather Recliner (Check Price on Amazon.com)

BCP Leather Recliner

Whether you like watching television, playing video games or just reading a book, you can now use this BCP Leather Recliner and Ottoman Furniture Set to get a relaxation at the same time that you do all your favorite activities.

It looks similar to an armchair but has a reclining feature that lets it lean back to increase your comfort, and it features a metal frame with a PU leather cover that cleans easily. The included ottoman lets you put your feet up and works with an included cord to use the motor on it to ease the pain to your feet.

Two different built-in modes can reach all areas of your back or target the muscles in your lower body, and it has five settings that you can choose from as well as nine intensity settings.

Double padding added to the back of the seat cradles your back, but you’ll find that the padding along the seat cradles your lower body too.

It comes with a controller and a pocket for convenient storage of that controller.



22. HomCom Executive Ergonomic (Check Price on Amazon.com)

HomCom Executive Ergonomic

You’ll feel like a real executive when sitting behind your computer or desk at home in the HomCom Executive Ergonomic PU Leather Heated Vibrating.

Though it looks like a traditional office chair with a simple design and casters on the bottom, it comes with heating and massaging settings that you can use to feel more comfortable when working longer hours to to feel a little more relaxed during meetings or while playing video games.

You can use the lever on the side of it to adjust the position and the height of the seat.

The included remote control attaches to it with a long cord that is long enough for using on either side, and you can use that remote to adjust the heat or enter one of the available modes.

It also uses PU leather that feels soft and cleans easily. Padding on the seat, the back and on both armrests add to your overall comfort.


23. High-Back Black Leather Executive (Check Price on Amazon.com)

High-Back Black Leather Executive

The next time that you need to do some work at home while recovering from an injury or dealing with a sore back, you’ll be glad that you added this High-Back Massaging Black Leather Executive Swivel to your office.

It comes with an integrated headrest that has its own thick layer of padding to cushion your head as you work, and that headrest also keeps your head from dropping, which can cause tissue damage in your neck.

It also features a tilt lock control that lets you lock it at the right angle for use behind your desk.

Its greatest feature is its included remote control, which lets you simply slide the level on that remote to the massaging intensity level that matches your needs.

To ensure that you never lose or misplace that remote, you’ll get a small attached pocket on the side that holds the remote, but the remote also has a cord that keeps it attached to it.



The Winner

Human Touch "Novo"

Though the Human Touch “Novo” (Check Price on Amazon.com) is the most expensive product that money can buy, it’s also the best one you can get too. As a zero gravity, it actually stretches your entire body and puts it in the right alignment to reduce pressure while also ensuring that no one area of the body suffers more pressure than it should. It also comes with a side controller that uses an LCD screen to show you all the settings available and which ones you chose.

Warm air technology specifically targets the lumbar area with warm air that can reduce tension in the muscles and help you recover faster from certain injuries. It also has built-in settings that relax your feet and calves and built-in speakers that work with most Bluetooth devices. Its warm cream color will match most decors too.